Capping Machine

Semi Automatic Capping Machine

The semi automatic cap sealing machine is  built on sturdy welded steel frame which is completely enclosed in stainless steel sheet. Also doors are provided to facilitate the servicing of machine. The machine is motorized with rotating threads & sealing rollers,for the purpose of  threading & sealing of ROPP cap.

These machines are also designed for sealing bottles and containers having closure of various shape and size. Our semi automatic capping machine  can be configured for many type of closure such as aluminum roll and plastic flat screw caps. These machines are very simple to operate. Further, by adjusting the stop and operation height of the machine,the desired packaging and closure size can be achieved. These machines are high in performance and provide long service life.

Features : -

  • Model: GMP.
  • Speed: 20 bottles per min.
  • Can handle aluminum caps and adaptable to pre threaded plastic caps.
  • Operation : through pedal.
  • It can also be made pneumatic as an option.
  • Motor rating: 0.5 hp, single phase.

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